2022 BMW i4 e35


BMW has expanded its electric range with the new i4 eDrive35 model, available for order in Canada, giving us a taste of a more affordable i4 option we hope to see Down Under.

The BMW i4 eDrive35 complements the existing i4 family, made up of the popular i4 M50 and i4 eDrive40 models, but undercuts them as the cheapest electric offering from the Bavarian powerhouse.

Base price for the eDrive35 is $C54,990 ($A61,334) making it a compelling premium competitor to the similarly priced Tesla Model 3, Mini Cooper SE, Polestar 2, and Kia Niro II.

In Australia, as of June this year, 6447 electric passenger vehicles have been sold in 2022, of which Go Auto understands BMW electric vehicles account for more than 500 of those sales.

A serious competitor model for the market-leading Tesla Model 3, which has seen sales numbers this year of 4,653, should improve BMW’s standing in the electric sales race.

The i4 eDrive35 shares the same 400V Gen5 eDrive powertrain technology as its i4 stablemates, and also features the same curved display with BMW’s iDrive8 operating system.

The powertrain consists of a single electric synchronous motor, in true-to-brand real-wheel-drive configuration, spitting out a silent 209kW/400Nm. In terms of performance, the eDrive35 will sprint to 100km/h in six seconds flat, and top speed is limited to an Autobahn suitable 190km/h.

A new battery for the i4 eDrive35 gives the EV a claimed range of 418km, with a net capacity of 66kWh and total gross capacity of 70.2kWh.

Replenishment for the eDrive35 comes via both standard AC, and fast DC charging with a maximum of 180kW. Owners opting for DC juice will be able to go from 10- to 80 per cent charge in 32 minutes.

“We are happy to be so quickly expanding the offering for one of our most important products of the year, the i4,” said BMW Group Canada director of brand management, Andrew Scott.

“We strive to offer Canadians more choice and doing so in one of the fastest-growing areas of the business is crucial.”

While BMW Australia were not able to clarify whether we’ll see the entry-level i4 locally we can assume Australia’s burgeoning EV market may offer an enticing proposition.

The BMW Group’s global announcement did mention that, although the model is only available for order in Canada, “other markets will follow subsequently”.

BMW will begin production for the i4 eDrive35 in November this year at its Munich plant, with the first units expected at Canadian dealers in Q1 of 2023.

The introduction of the BMW i4 eDrive35 brings the Group’s global portfolio of fully electric cars to six model lines with 10 powertrains in operation.

The BMW Group’s goal to convert 50 per cent of its global sales to all-electric models by 2030, is reason to believe the model lines will continue to expand.


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